Three days of landscape photography will de-stress your life

Nature photography workshop
Hands-on learning in the wild to create fine art photography of waterscapes and wildlife.

No need to be intimidated to join a photography workshop!

Photography workshops are holidays with a purpose, and landscape photo workshops are immersions into nature that will fill you with inspiration!

Florida Photography Workshops
Florida’s fabulous birds provide an ideal subject to learn nature photography shooting and retouching techniques

When an ocean beach is your class room, you become drawn into a state of relaxed mindfulness by the sounds, smells and feelings of being in the wild. Best of all, you see the instant results of your new photography skills as the instructor guides you through every step. 

Jupiter Inlet Wave
Early morning photography on Florida’s beaches provide opportunity to learn motion blur and other fine art photography skills.

In my Photo Masters workshops, we learn how to achieve some very specific tricks that will carry your image making to the level of the professionals. 

Dramatic front to back focus is achieved by taking three photos and combining them in Lightroom. 

Motion blurred clouds, waterfalls and ocean waves are created by using long exposures with a neutral density filter. 

Waterfall in Morikami Park, Palm Beach County.

Stunning action wildlife images become much easier by learning “back-button focus”.

Bird Photography
Osprey landing on nest

Making your subject stand out from its background results from using shallow depth of field. 

Bird Photography Workshops
Wildlife Photography Workshops
Florida Bird Photography
National Park Photography
Students learn to master depth of field to make subjects stand out from their background. Lightroom lessons include converting color photographs to black and white.

Making an unforgettable panorama of the Milky Way comes easily with a tripod and an easy walk-through of long exposure and focusing tips. 

Milky Way - Kissimmee Prairie
The Milky Way rises over Florida’s Kissimmee Prairie

Imagine trekking into the wild every morning when golden light colors the mountains, the coastline, the wetlands and nature’s most interesting wildlife.  Imaging the joy of learning in a small group of creative adventurers.

Grand Teton Mountains
Moulton Barn framed by the Grand Teton Mountains

Then in an afternoon session, polishing the gems you captured into processed files ready for fine printing or sharing online.  

Our classroom, nature’s most peaceful and beautiful places.

What to know more? You can view my 2020 workshop schedule at the Workshops Link or text me (Bob Gibson) at 561-758-8482 or email me at  I promise to get back within 24 hours and answer any questions you may have.

Florida Nature Photography
White Tail Deer
Photography Workshop
Florida Wildlife
Every student captures award-winning images and goes home with files expertly retouched for fine art printing and publishing.