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Loxahatchee River

The Upper Loxahatchee Project

By Bob Gibson / July 9, 2020

Summer South Florida mornings are rainforest hot and humid. By eight am, the rays of sunlight are bisecting the mist between the towering Cypress trees that canopy the upper Loxahatchee…

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Bird Photography

Florida Wildlife and Waterscapes

By Bob Gibson / May 23, 2020

Bob Gibson teaches nature photography at Photo Masters Workshops in Jupiter, Florida.

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A New Dawn! May and June Florida Workshops!

By Bob Gibson / May 6, 2020

Even in stormy times, the sun always rises! To re-open responsibly, we are offering workshops limited to 2 students only per day for only $299. This is an exceptional opportunity…

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Surf Photography Basics

By Bob Gibson / May 4, 2020

Surf Photography can capture both action of the sport and and the culture of a coastal location.

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Florida Birds

The Roseate Spoonbill “Florida’s photographic prize”

By Bob Gibson / March 11, 2020

The Roseate Spoonbill is on every nature photographer’s bucket list.

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Conservation photography

Wild About Conservation Photography

By Bob Gibson / February 24, 2020

What makes me press the shutter button? Many years ago, I called myself an “Outdoor Photographer” “Nature Photographer” or “Landscape Photographer.”  But the more I hiked and looked closely through the…

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Great Egret Photography

Photographing America’s Great Egret

By Bob Gibson / February 20, 2020

The spectacular plumes of the Great Egret (grown only during its breeding season) makes this a wonderful but challenging photographic subject.  Wonderful, because the long plumes of white create a delicate…

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Photographing Anhingas–Florida’s “Snake Bird”

By Bob Gibson / February 19, 2020

Anhingas dry their wings in the Florida sun, making them easy subjects for nature photography.

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Bird Photography

Photographing Great Blue Herons

By Bob Gibson / February 18, 2020

The Great Blue Heron is easy to photograph during nesting season in Florida’s Wakodohatchee Wetland Preserve.

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Bird Photography

Owls and Ospreys

By Bob Gibson / February 11, 2020

Owls and Ospreys: How to Find and Photograph Ospreys and Owls are the raptors most common in South Florida where I hold my PhotoMasters Workshops. Finding and photographing them is…

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Guide to Outdoor Photography

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