Wild Places: Oregon!

Raging surf. Relentless winds. Coastal Fog. Offshore Sea Stacks. Unpredictable weather. The south coast of Oregon is not for everyone, but after one amazing photo trip its now my favorite place in all of America–Yes, that’s what I said! The geography is as dramatic as Hawaii–but, with absolutely no crowds. The mountains and coastal cliffs as interesting as Alaska–with its most remote places accessible by a rental car instead of a fly plane!

Milky Way Photography
The Milky Way Galaxy rises over “Secret Beach” near Brookings, Oregon.

The specific area I am speaking of is located between Brookings and Bandon. Highway 101 twists and turns. Swirling clouds of fog climb from the sea and dance across the highway, make driving a white knuckle adventure. And then, when you least expect it, the fog rolls away, the sun shines through and illuminates broad beaches with domino-like stacks of rock monoliths–each the scale of a giant, with a hat of moss and trees, and legs of exploding whitewater.

Oregon surprised me with the best Milky Way photography I have experienced. Velvety dark skies. Horizon to horizon star fields. A Milky Way so bright as to be reflected in the wet sands of a receding tide!

Face Rock Beach near Brookings Oregon with the Milky Way over Face Rock and Wizards Cap.

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