Grand Teton Workshops

Photo Masters Workshops offers a limited number of students the opportunity to learn landscape and wildlife photography in America’s most beautiful national parks.
National Elk Reserve, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The Grand Teton and Yellowstone Spring Workshop is timed in early May for optimum photography conditions in these popular parks during a rare moment when they are virtually devoid of visitors. Large herds of Elk and Bison, migrating north from the National Elk Refuge provided a unique opportunity to image these icons of the American West in front of a dramatic background of snow swept mountain peaks.

Bison grazing in Yellowstone National Park
Grand Teton National Park in Springtime offers optimum viewing of wildlife
Grizzly Bears can sometimes be seen foraging along the roadside in Grand Teton National Park

Grizzly Bears foraging for roots showed themselves by the roadside—as very few tourists visit the parks this early in the year. 

Spring is prime time for wildlife photography in Grand Teton National Park

 Moose roamed fearlessly in the lowlands. Rivers ,creeks and waterfalls swollen with cascading ice melt made perfect subjects for slow-shutter imaging.

Lewis Falls in Yellowstone National Park

  Crisp and clear dark skies lustrous with star fields and the rising Milky Way offered perfect conditions for night sky captures. Each starry night photography session then became “alpen glow” sunrises. 

Milky Way Galaxy Night Photography Workshops held at Moulton Barn, Grand Teton National Park.

 The invigorating mornings with temps in the 20’s imbued the magma generated geysers and pools of Yellowstone come alive with added steam and visual contrast. 

Geysers erupt in Yellowstone National Park.
Mountains covered in fresh snow, Grand Teton National Park
Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park

All 2021 workshop participants will receive priority in reserving their places for the 2022 Teton/Yellowstone Workshop.  The 2022 workshop will include four days of instruction, and three “free days” of fun and unstructured adventure.  Tuition is $1,800 per student.