Nesting Time is Prime Time for Florida Bird Photography

Its Prime Time to Photograph Florida’s Fabulous Birds!

Now, During March, April and May

Florida’s most spectacular birds are congregating

to mate and nest. Wildlife photographers of all skill levels are invited to enjoy the best possible time to capture exceptional

close-up images of colorful Herons, Egrets, Ospreys and 

(occasionally, Barre Owls) during our most popular workshop.  

I offer one day workshops in Jupiter, Florida (for Ospreys) and Boynton Beach, Florida (for Herons and Egrets)

Fledgling Anhingas

Each workshop is limited to two participants includes a sunrise and sunset session and afternoon of Lightroom tips. 

To reserve your place, e-mail Bob Gibson at

Egret with Mating Plummage
Egret with Mating Plummage